Rabbit nutrition and care

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Study to care for rabbits with this online course.


Rabbit Care and Nutrition consists of 3 units at level 4 study or level 3. The course approaches nutrition for the rabbit through the anatomy and physiology of their digestive system; an examination into the ingredients of commercial foods and, a practical investigation into a specific form of food and its relationship to rabbit health.


You will be introduced and guided into using peer-reviewed, academic journal articles to glean information to produce work expected at level 4.


There are 3 assignments (one for each unit) that are divided into levels of achievement so you have a choice as to whether to attempt more than the pass level.


The approximate learning hours for this course are 45. This figure does not include own research and self-learning activities to support the unit content or, assignment work. 

Rabbit Care and Biology

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Course content

Unit 1  The Digestive System


The rabbit is an obligate herbivore and physiology within the digestive system is modified to reflect this specialist feeding behaviour.


Unit 1 refers to the structure and function of the organs of the digestive system and its reliance on other body systems to meet the needs of the rabbit’s lifestyle as an obligate herbivore. There is emphasis on the caecum and its importance to the rabbit.

Unit 2 Nutrients and Nutrition


There are six nutrient groups and unit 2 explores their structure and function for the rabbit. There is an emphasis on water as the primary nutrient as well as essential components of nutrients that must be supplied in their food.

Unit 3  Feed Investigation


Certain aspects of the food provided for rabbits can lead to physiological ill-health. Unit 3 investigates an factors related to an particular issue and the assignment is to carry out practical work to draw conclusions concerning this factor and food manufacturer and owner responsibilities.

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