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How our courses work

FAQs about our courses

Rock Hyrax


Courses are sent by email or as paper copies

Some courses are accredited by UK Rural Skills


All our courses are delivered by distance learning

​ALL courses are prepared according to UK standards for teaching and learning


Courses are divided into units


There is an assignment for each unit


Most courses have Pass, Merit and Distinction achievement levels


Please Note

There is no time limit for completing our courses as long as work is received every few months.

If no work (assignments) is received after 6 months of enrolment, that enrolment will be removed from our records.


If work (assignments) stops being sent for marking after 12 months, an enrolment will be removed from our records.

To prevent either of these circumstances, try the first unit of a course with no commitment to doing the whole course.

Any payments cannot be refunded after 30 days of enrolment.

We do dyslexia-friendly learning

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