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Dog Behaviour and Training course

Course fee £135.00

For dogs to survive happily in a human world they need help and that is where appropriate training and conditioning is applied. The Dog Behaviour and Training course is aimed at introducing the subjects of animal behaviour and learning plus how to apply both to dog well-being by way of training and acknowledging their needs.


There are just three units in the course which is set at the equivalent to level 3 study. The course is for anyone who has the responsibility of canine care. This includes those who want to improve the life of their dog and others; canine shelter workers who want to improve enrichment of dogs in care; newcomers to the subjects of animal behaviour and welfare; people who feel they have problems with their dog.


The course should encourage further learning by stimulating interest through easy-to-read materials and short assignments. This course can be completed in about 2 months maximum.

Start this course for £13.50 Course fee full: £135.00


Payment options and Instalments: these are made by standing order tailored to individual requirements starting at around £13.50 p.c.m. depending on the course. International transactions will incur additional fees. Try unit 1 before committing to the whole course.


Course materials are sent via email but paper copies are available for an additional fee of just £5 per unit. Postage charges may need to be added depending on your location.

golden retriever  jump pool
Dog paddling pool

Course Content

Unit 1 Basic Needs and Learning

Identify and explain the basic needs of the domestic dog and summarise how dogs learn

Unit 2 Canine Emotional Needs

Describe and explain how the emotional needs of the dog can be nurtured and maintained.

Unit 3 Enrichment & Training

Describe and explain how providing enrichment activities can be combined with dog training and canine well-being

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