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Puppy Training course

Taking on a puppy is a huge responsibility, How do you go about helping the puppy to learn to live in the human world? This short introductory course will help to make you and the puppy happy and safe.


The emphasis of the course is the welfare of the puppy. The course does not include use of harmful, coercive training equipment or techniques. Like our Dog Behaviour and training course, the positive reward-based approach is supported.


The puppy training course is set at the equivalent to level 3 study and consists of just two units. It is designed as an introduction to puppy care and their training and should take about 2 months or less to complete.

Upon successful completion a certificate of achievement is issued by Animal Biology and Care Education to acknowledge your studies. You can achieve at Pass, Merit or Distinction level.

All learning materials are sent by email for study at your leisure and in your own time.


Course content

Unit 1 Health & Welfare

Know the health and welfare needs of a puppy, the importance of sensitive house training and responsibilities of the owner and trainer.

In this unit, you will need to be able to describe and explain the health and welfare needs of a puppy to include owner/trainer responsibilities under the Animal Welfare Act (2016)

Unit 2 Training Methods

Appreciate correct and appropriate methods of puppy training.

In this unit, you will need to explain and justify puppy training techniques

Course fee £75.00

Start this course for £25.00

Payment options and Instalments: these are made by standing order and can be tailored to individual requirements starting at around £20.00 p.c.m.. International transactions will incur additional fees. You can try unit 1 before committing to the whole course.


Course materials are sent via email but paper copies are available for an additional fee of £15 per unit. Postage charges may need to be added depending on your location.

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