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Online tutoring

online tutoring
Studying Online

Online tuition for A Level, A Level equivalent, GCSE and other qualifications:


  • Environmental Science

  • Biology

  • Human Biology

  • Animal Management BTEC (Pearson), City and Guilds


DBS registered. Certificate number for Pat Sang (lead tutor): 001516227140


All tuition will take place on an online monitored classroom (audio facility included) where chats can be saved.

Sometimes during connection issues the classroom, telephone connection is used so that tutor and student can hear each other. Click here to see requirements for online tutoring.

Contact Pat at:

Online tuition is a part of Animal Biology and Care Education services to learners.

Tuition fee*: £20.00 p.h.

Payment can be made via PayPal and bank transfer. See payment options for more information

* Have a trial session for £10.00 to try out the experience. Payment in advance through PayPal:

Important information about the online tutoring:


A computer either a PC or laptop (a smart phone or similar is not appropriate). A full screen is needed to see uploaded images, diagrams and text.

Headphones or built-in microphone in the computer to enable the audio feature. This is needed so that you and the tutor can talk to one another.

Online tuition and teaching for A-Level Environmental Science | Biology | Human Biology | Geography |

See Pat at Tutorhunt

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