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Animal Science and Welfare

Animal Science and Welfare
Accredited by
UK Rural Skills

Course fee: £395.00

Time limit to complete this course?

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Animal science and welfare is a comprehensive course aimed at post A-level students, mature learners with some background in science, those working in animal welfare organisations, animal welfare officers and anyone wanting to demonstrate their ability to study successfully at the first level in higher education. The course is set at the equivalent of level 4 study.

The aim of the course is to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of the biology of the non-human animal and to be able to apply that to their care and welfare.  

You will study comparative anatomy and physiology including digestive, skeletal, circulatory and respiratory systems, endocrine and nervous systems and be introduced to animal nutrition and non-human animal behaviour.


Progression: Animal science and welfare is one of our courses which can be used as evidence for higher education applications according to the standards set by a college of Further and Higher Education.

Mammals, birds and reptiles are the focus of the course with structure related to function and lifestyle.

Course content

  1. Unit 1 Comparative anatomy and physiology 1 - Transport and respiratory systems 

  2. Unit 2 Comparative anatomy and physiology 2 - Skeletal systems 

  3. Unit 3 Comparative anatomy and physiology 3 - Digestive systems. 

  4. Unit 4 Animal Nutrition 1 - The nutrient groups and functions

  5. Unit 5 Physiology and behaviour - Nervous and endocrine systems

  6. Unit 6 Animal behaviour - Innate and learned behaviours 

dogs on beach
pentadactyl limb

Course fee £395.00

Instalments: £39.50 p.c.m.  Click here to pay now via PayPal and or set up bank transfer or instalments.

How about trying unit 1 first? You can get a feel for the course, how it is presented and if the course is for you. There is no committment to continue with the whole course. 

Leatherback turtle skeleton

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Payment: Click here for payment options

We take Paypal and bank transfers. Card payment facilities are in preparation.

The course is delivered via email or can be provided in paper format at a fee of £15.00 per unit. Assignments are sent via email to your tutor.

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