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Animal Ethics and Sentience

Course fee: £375.00

This animal ethics and sentience course introduces the controversial topic of how the human animal regards the non-human animal and, how the latter is exploited.

In a stimulating, demanding course, you will examine your own attitude toward the non-human animal and research the attitude of others as well as develop the knowledge to support arguments for improved animal welfare. Animal sentience is examined as a subject area and tool for better welfare.

The study level is the equivalent to level 6 study but can also be undertaken at level 3. Please tell is which course you would prefer!

The three units are assessed by an assignment for each that can be achieved from pass to distinction level. For the level 6 course full Harvard referencing is expected.

Course fee: £375.00

Start this course for £37.50

The fee can be paid in instalments of £35.00 p.c.m. - see the payments options page for details of how to pay. You can try unit 1 before committing to the whole course.

Instalments are usually made via a standing order set up to individual requirements.

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Time limit to complete this course?

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Course content

Unit 1

Attitudes, Morality, Ethics and Philosophy

Reflect on attitudes toward non-human animals and distinguish between the actions and ethos of animal rights and animal welfare organisations (philosophy of ethics and morality)

Unit 2

Views of Ethics and Morality

Compare and contrast a range of views into the nature of ethics and morality relevant to the non-human animal and discuss the status of animal morality)

Animal ethics and sentience is set at a high level of demand aiming to provide the learning to argue for the non-human animal

Unit 3

Animal Sentience

Describe, assess and evaluate evidence of animal sentience and link this to the morality and ethics of human approaches to non-human animals

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