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Tropical Rainforest Ecology

This course is derived from our main ecology training course to supply the demand for learning about tropical rainforests.


At just one unit, it is designed to introduce the learner to rainforest studies and is aimed at those who want to know more about this unique ecosystem.

Use this course to further your studies, add to existing knowledge and understanding and prepare for higher education or voluntary work in conservation management.

The course should take about a month to complete although there is no time limit. Study at your leisure and in your own time.

Red Eye Frog

Tropical Rainforests


At the end of the course you should be able to describe, explain and analyse tropical rainforest dynamics

*Tropical rainforest dynamics

*Canopy layers

*Gap dynamics

*Mosaic structure

*Species adaptations to environment

​​​​​*Tropical rainforest distribution

*Nutrient cycles

*Rainforest fragility

*PAR (photosynthetically active radiation)

Course fee: £75.00

For this fee, you will receive the course materials plus an assignment for the pass level achievement. 

International transactions will incur additional fees. Click here for payment options including PayPal, card, instalments and bank transfer.


Course materials are sent via email but paper copies are available for an additional fee of £15 per unit. Postage charges may need to be added depending on your location.

rainforest canopy mosaic

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