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Study levels

You will see that our courses are set at certain "levels".

What does this mean? Well, learning in the UK has different stages and these stages are called levels. The government sets the school levels and then moving on, colleges and universities set their standard levels of dtudy.

Essentially, the levels set by the government, colleges and universities refer to the type of qualification being studied.  Please take a look at this web page.

The very start of learning is called entry level. From there, you study at level 1, then level 2 and so on until you are at university level (level 6).

Each level or stage demands more of the learner, with the need to show a greater depth of knowledge and understanding.

Animal Biology and Care Education follows these levels by way of the learning materials and most importantly, the assessment (these may be called assignments). Our courses are therefore set at study levels equivalent to those used by the UK government education sector.

By following national standards we provide distance learning with courses written and set at the equivalent of a certain level of study according to standards for each level. By following national standards for each level of study, we provide you with a realistic learning experience.


Our courses are informal that is, they are not listed by the UK governement regulating body for education. This organisation is called Ofqual.


To the right of this information is a list of qualifications and their level of study. Click on the buttons to find out more about each study level.

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