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Rabbit courses

distance learning courses

Course is accredited by UK Rural Skills

The rabbit is one of the most neglected companion animals in the UK*. They are misunderstood and their needs ignored. The courses on this page will help the understanding of the rabbit and realisation that they are intelligent, social animals that need to be given better welfare.

Try unit 1 from a course to see if it is for you. Details are on the individual course pages.

companion rabbit

Rabbit biology and behaviour is set at the equivalent to level 3 study. The course introduces rabbit biology covering body systems and especially the digestive system. The last unit is a background to rabbit behaviour and how they can be cared for properly. The course is suitable for CPD, personal study, welfare officers, pet sitters and carers.

Course fee: £225.00

Rabbit feedstuff

Rabbit nutrition and care is set at the equivalent to level 3 study. The course concentrates on the digestive system which has evolved to match the natural habitats of wild rabbit species. This course can be useful for rabbit owners, animal shelter workers, local authority, ther official welfare workers and pet sitters.

Course fee: £195.00

alert rabbit
Wild rabbit hedge tunnel
distance learning courses

Rabbit behaviour is set at the equivalent to level 5 study. As an advanced course it looks into behavioural theories and terminology, how physiology influences behaviour, comparative behaviour between the wild and domesticated rabbit. Rabbit sentience is introduced and other Lagomorph species. The course concludes with the design and justification of companion rabbit accommodation. The course is designed for work CPD, home-study to support higher education studies,

Course fee: £495.00

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