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Level 3 Diploma in Ecology of the UK
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Ecology of the UK course


Ecology of the UK introduces the wide and varied ecology of the British Isles. It includes the unique habitat of Ancient woodlands, the man-made habitat of the Norfolk Broads and the Arctic-Alpine environment of the Scottish Highlands. 


You will also learn about concepts of ecology and species distribution as underpinning knowledge of how ecology works. 


Like the Ecology level 3 training course, Ecology of the UK is excellent preparation for a career in ecology and wildlife conservation, habitat management and conservation and further study at higher education. The course is suitable for local wildlife trusts and CPD.

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Full fee £435.00 start this course for £43.50


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Course materials are sent via email but paper copies are available for an additional fee of £15 per unit. Postage charges may need to be added depending on your location.

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Unit 1

Unit 1 Concepts of Ecology

  • Habitat, ecosystem, nutrient cycles, biomes

  • Abiotic biotic factors, food chain food webs, niches

  • Keystone species, pyramids: number, biomass

  • Producers, consumers, trophic levels

Unit 2

Unit 2 Diversity and Distribution

  • Genetic diversity, variation, species richness

  • Distribution of species

  • Factors affecting distribution

  • Population change - Biston betularia

  • Investigations into habitat choice

Unit 3

Unit 3 Ancient Woodlands (I)

  • 12, 000 years BP

  • Origin of ancient woodlands

  • Purpose and human management

  • Examples


Unit 4

Unit 4 Ancient Woodlands (II)

  • Ancient woodland structure

  • Ground flora

  • Tree species

  • Coppicing

Unit 5

Unit 5 Freshwater - the Norfolk Broads

  • A man-made habitat

  • Purpose and human management

  • Eutrophication

  • A national park

Unit 6

Unit 6 Scottish Highlands

  • Ice-age refugia for Arctic-Alpine vegetation

  • Distribution and diversity

  • Fragility

  • Conservation

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Ecology of the UK is accredited by UK Rural Skills | study ancient woodland structure | the Norfolk Broads | Scottish highlands ecology, norfolk broads, ancient woodlands, Scottish highlands,