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Ecology of the UK

Course fee: £195.00

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Accredited by UK Rural Skills

Cepaea nemoralis
Coppiced hazel
Cepaea hortenis unbanded

Explore the UK's Biodiversity with our online course

Ecology of the UK is a comprehensive online course that introduces the fascinating ecology of the British Isles.


In the first two units, you will learn about ecological concepts such as keystone species, trophic levels, primary producers, consumers, and biotic and abiotic factors within systems.


The course focuses on the Ancient Woodlands, an important, biodiverse type of habitat.

In Unit 2, you will learn about diversity, including genetic diversity and distribution of species. You will become familiar with terms such as species richness as a hint of genetic diversity within a habitat or ecosystem.


In Units 3 and 4, you will concentrate on the Ancient Woodlands of the UK.

By the end of the course, you should be able to use appropriate terminology to demonstrate your understanding of ecology and how it works. You will also be able to explain the interdependence between all species within their environment.

Our Ecology of the UK course is a comprehensive training programme designed to give you a deeper understanding of ecological concepts, conservation practices, and habitat management.


Whether you are looking to work in wildlife conservation or take your education to the next level, this course is an ideal choice. Suitable for a range of professionals, including teachers, local wildlife trusts, and nature reserve workers, the course will teach you essential skills to succeed in your chosen field.

Course content

Unit 1 Concepts of Ecology

  • Habitats, ecosystems, nutrient cycles, biomes

  • Abiotic, biotic factors, food chains, food webs, niches

  • Keystone species, pyramids,: number, biomass

  • Producers, consumers, trophic levels

Unit 2 Diversity and Distribution

  • Genetic diversity, variation, species richness

  • Distribution of species

  • Factors affecting distribution

  • Propulation change - Biston betularia

  • Investigations into habitat choice

Unit 3 Ancient Woodlands - Origins

  • 12,000 years BCE

  • Origin of ancient woodlands

  • Purpose and human management

  • Examples

Unit 4 Ancient Woodlands - Importance

  • Ancient woodland structure

  • Ground flora - Indicator species

  • Tree species

  • Management

Food chain red squirrel
unknown hemiptera
ancient woodland example
Yellow Archangel indicator species

Course fee:


Full fee £195.00 start this course for £19.50


Instalments: these are made by standing order at  around £48.75 p.c.m. or less. International transactions will incur additional fees. You can try unit 1 before committing to the whole course. Click here for payment options including PayPal, instalments and bank transfer.


Course materials are sent via email but paper copies are available for an additional fee of £15 per unit. Postage charges may need to be added depending on your location.


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