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Animal Ethics and Sentience advanced

Course fee: £425.00

Overseas Students Welcome

A new course for PhD students who are required to study ethics, morality and philosophy related to the non-human animal

Each student wishing to do this course will receive a tailor-made version to match the specific requirements of their university for PhD level study

Example Specification

Unit 1 Attitudes, Morality and Ethics

Learning outcome

1.0 Analyse and summarise attitudes toward non-human animals in terms of the morality, attitudes and ethics of the human-non-human animal relationship.


1. Analysis of a study into human attitudes toward non-human animals 50% of total mark


2. Annotated bibliography 50% of total mark

Pass mark for unit 1 50%

Unit 2 Ethics, Morality and Philosophy

Learning outcome

2.0 Critically assess the effect of ethics, morality and philosophy on the attitude toward the non-human animal.


1. Critical essay 100% of total mark

Pass mark for unit 2 50%

Unit 3 Sentience, Cognition and the Non-Human Animal

Learning outcome

3.0 Assess and evaluate evidence of sentience and cognition in the non-human animal


1. Report and draw justified conclusions of the evidence of sentience and cognition in the non-human animal

Pass mark for unit 3: 50%

The course and assessment is moderated by a tutor who is experienced in PhD supervision and currently holds a Professorship

Course fee: £425.00

Please call (+44) 01953 600070

or email

and ask for Pat

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