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Feline courses

distance learning courses

Course is accredited by UK Rural Skills

The domestic cat is a complex animal that has become used to being around human beings. Cats are though independent and self-determined. The courses on this page cover feline biology including their specialist digestion requirements, behaviour, nutrition and care.  


 Try unit 1 from a course to see if it is for you. Details are on the individual course pages.

Cute kitty

Cat behaviour and psychology is set at the equivalent to level 3 study. It looks at the origins of the domestic cat (Felis catus) , social organisation and physiological versus psychological influences. Aimed at feline carers, rescue centres, animal welfare officers and self-study students.

Course fee: £295.00

cat dentition

Feline nutrition and care is set at the equivalent to level 3 study. The cat's digestive system is investigated to find out why they are obligate carnivores. Their nutrition is explored and essential nutrients followed by a practical investigation. Aimed at cat carers, welfare officers, rescue centres and personal learning.

Course fee: £225.00

Cat paw anatomy
distance learning courses

Feline biology and care is set at the equivalent to level 3 study. It is a comprehensive, challenging course of 6 units aimed at CPD requirements, personal interest and those working with the cat for their welfare.

Course fee: £425.00

nosey cat
distance learning courses

Feline behaviour is an advanced course set to level 5 study. It is an intense and comprehensive course covering behavioural theories, evolution of the domestic cat, physiological influences & communication. Aimed at scholars of animal behaviour, CPD for educators, welfare officers and independent study.

Course fee: £695.00

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