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Animal Care, Wildlife, Conservation and Ecology Courses

Cat on a table

Animal Biology & Care Education

Wymondham, Norfolk UK

NR18 0DS


(+44) 01953 600070

Dog on stone in the water

Animal Biology and Care Education is dedicated to providing inclusive education which is accessible to as many students as possible. Our online courses can be dyslexia-friendly and autism-friendly. Whether you are looking to advance your animal care skills or starting from scratch, we offer tailored courses to meet your needs.

We support and consider neurodiversity as a natural part of our teaching and learning programme

mother baby dassies Rock Hyrax

Our courses are a great way to expand your knowledge and learn new skills in animal care and welfare, behaviour, ecology and conservation. All our courses are bespoke and therefore will not be found within the National Curriculum. 

The courses are though set to the equivalent of the UK education system levels.

Individual tutoring available on all courses. There is no additional fees for this service.

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