Panthera Africa

Panthera Africa is a big cat sanctuary for any captive bred big cats where they will be protected and prosper for the rest of their lives, without any trading, breeding or public interaction taking place.


Panthera Africa has found its 40 hectare paradise in Stanford, South Africa, where now 18 beautiful cats have found their forever home. On the 4th of April 2016 they celebrated their first official year being open to the public and can proudly say they have nearly become self-sufficient!

Panthera Africa received a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, and have managed to give a new prosperous home for four beautiful lionesses during the last eight months!

One of Panthera Africa’s most important objectives is to be an educational platform for creating awareness of the conditions big cats face in captivity worldwide, both in zoos, circuses and in the South African breeding and canned hunting industry.


The most powerful tool in the world is knowledge, so through educational visits, their volunteer program, enrichment and team building event and presentations, Cat and Lizaene aim to enhance the understanding of the big cats’ critical situation, and enhance the awareness and consciousness of humans.


An educational centre is already approved by the municipality, so as soon as funding is available, these inspirational people aim to create a platform where school groups and children can learn about the big cats and the connectedness to nature as a whole.

Panthera Afritiger playing with boxesa
balck leopard  Panthera Africa
black-backed jackal Panthera Africa
Other residents: Black-backed Jackal
Learn how to conserve Big Cats
white lions Panthera Africa

With the public eye focusing heavily on animal welfare and new laws being implemented against animal cruelty, the immediate need for sanctuaries and rescues is prominent.


By working closely with national and international organisations, the Panthera Africa team will continue to rescue big cats in need and give them the best captive life possible under the African sun.


We strongly believe in the saying "In union there is strength" - and by standing together, human and animal, we believe in the possibility of a prosperous future for us all, and we take pride in ‘speaking’ on their behalf.


To learn more about Panthera Africa and their unique volunteer program by enrolling on an African conservation course and working at the sanctuary in South Africa.

I love to feel your love for the animals and your focus on ethical practices! I feel ethical and sustainable tourism is peaking and we are right in the centre of all that is happening! We love to be able to create change and rise people’s consciousness. The animals are blessing us all with their knowledge and energies, and we are forever grateful - Cat