Evolution of the Dog

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Evolution of the dog is a 3-unit course about Canis lupus familiaris, our domestic dog. Look at the research into dog evolution and then domestication and find out about ancient dogs such as Goyet dog and Altai dog and if they link to the dogs we know today.

Where and when was domestication? Was it in one place or could it have been in several places? Why are there big dogs and small dogs?

See the basics of genetics and DNA evidence that help scientists trace the dog's ancestry. Then go on to learn about the formation of breeds, their genetic links and how breeding produces certain features.

The course is set at level 3 study.

dog breed origins von Holdt et al

All dog breeds are genetically the same

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Course Content

​Unit 1 In this unit you will learn how to describe, identify and discuss the origin of the domestic dog, Canis lupus familiaris

Ancient dog species, DNA analysis, Goyet dog, Altai dog, origin(s) of domestication

Unit 2 At the end of unit 2 you should be able to identify, explain and demonstrate  basic genetic processes related to the characteristics of the domestic dog, Canis  familiaris

DNA structure and formation, genetic crosses, genes: the unit of inheritance, inheriting traits

Unit 3 This unit is dedicated to identifying and discussing how genetic analyses have determined some of the huge variations seen in the domestic dog

Breed traits, small dogs, large dogs, domestication events leading to the unique extent of variation in Canis familiaris. How breeding also involves traits that are controversial and harmful to our dogs.