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Animal shelter assistant level 2 or 3 Certificate

The animal shelter assistant is the lynch pin upon which the shelter operates . Without skilled and caring assistants, the animals would not receive the care they deserve and the shelter would have a poor reputation.


This level 2 or 3 course (you choose which level study you are happiest with), will provide the theory and practice to support your career in animal care. The course is for those who want to specialise in dog care, shelter managers who need their staff to gain a qualification with CPD accreditation and for volunteers to show they are serious about working in a shelter with dogs.

Canine specialist level 2 or 3

Course fee: £350.00

Instalments: these are made by standing order and can be tailored to individual requirements starting at around £35.00 p.c.m.. International transactions will incur additional fees. You can try unit 1 before committing to the whole course.

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Course materials are sent via email but paper copies are available for an additional fee of £15 per unit. Postage charges may need to be added depending on your location.

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Course content (summary)

Unit 1 Basic needs, Welfare and the Law


In this unit, you will learn about and be able to apply the basic needs of the dog, outline UK law related to animal welfare and justify how the emotional needs of the dog can be met

Unit 2 Health and Welfare 1 - basic grooming & bathing


At the end of unit 3, you be able to describe and identify the need for basic grooming of the dog, demonstrate bathing techniques for the dog and explain how grooming and bathing can support a positive relationship between dog and human

Unit 3 Health and Welfare 3 - disease & ill-health


Unit 5 will teach you about how to Identify signs of health and ill-health in the dog. You should be able  summarise causes of animal disease and justify disease-prevention methods in the kennel environment