Animal science and welfare course Level 4

Animal science and welfare advanced diploma

Animal science and welfare is a level 4 two-part home study course aimed at post A-level students, mature learners, those working in animal welfare organisations, animal welfare officers and anyone wanting to demonstrate their ability to study successfully at the first level in higher education.

The course is set at Higher National Certificate level (HNC) and consists of about 200 hours of study. You will study comparative anatomy and physiology and animal nutrition as well as animal care units including the dog, the cat, the reptile and the rodent amongst other species.


Progression: Animal science and welfare is one of our courses which can be used as evidence for higher education applications according to the standards set by a college of Further and Higher Education.

Mammals, birds and reptiles are the focus of the course with structure related to function and lifestyle.

Course content

Part 1

  1. Unit 1 Comparative anatomy and physiology 1 - Transport and respiratory systems 

  2. Unit 2 Comparative anatomy and physiology 2 - Skeletal systems 

  3. Unit 3 Comparative anatomy and physiology 3 - Digestive systems

  4. Unit 4 Animal Nutrition 1 - The nutrient groups and functions

  5. Unit 5 Animal Nutrition 2 - Commercial animal feeds

  6. Unit 6 Animal behaviour - Innate and learned behaviours 

Part 2

  1. Unit 7 Care of the Dog - from behaviour to health and disease and enrichment for the canine

  2. Unit 8 Care of the Cat - from behaviour to health and disease and  enrichment for the obligate carnivore 

  3. Unit 9 Care of the Reptile - from behaviour to health and disease and a critical investigation of enrichment and accommodation 

  4. Unit 10 Care of the Bird - species' behaviour, health and disease and a critical investigation of accommodation 

  5. Unit 11 Care of the Rodent - their behaviour, health and disease and enrichment according to the  unique nature of rodent teeth

  6. Unit 12 Animal Ethics - critical analysis of the place of the non-human animal in human society 

Leatherback turtle skeleton
dogs on beach
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Full course fee £725.00  or 2 x £395.00

Study can be divided into two sections: units 1 to 6  then units 7 to 12 OR you can select which 6 units to study.

Instalments: £72.50 p.c.m. or £39.50 p.c.m.  Click here to pay now via PayPal, card and set up bank transfer or instalments.

You can try unit 1 before committing to the whole course.

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