Animal cruelty investigator

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Set at level 3 equivalent

Animal cruelty investigator (level 3 equivalent)

The animal cruelty investigator course is provided by Animal Biology and Care. The aims of the course are to give  professional development, apply for work within local authorities in animal welfare, boarding and zoo licensing. Animal rescue centre staff and volunteers will find the course useful for adding to the centre's credibility and authority. This would be added to significantly by doing achieving regulated units. The course is accedited through our animal welfare investigator course and UK Rural Skills

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Course content

Unit 1 UK Animal Welfare Laws, Organisations & Animal Cruelty


Outline and identify current legislations, regulations codes of practice, and additional requirements relating to animal welfare in the UK and evaluate their effectiveness

Unit 2 Animal Biology – Anatomy & Physiology for Welfare


Describe and identify the function of body systems in a range of animal species and relate this to animal welfare

Unit 3 Animal Behaviour and Health


Describe, identify and explain animal behaviours and their relationship to signs of health and ill-health

Unit 5 Working as an animal cruelty investigator (Recognising abuse)


Describe, identify and assess factors associated with the abuse and mistreatment of animals

Unit 4 Introductory First Aid Treatment for Animals


Identify, assess and demonstrate management of first aid treatment for various adverse health conditions

Unit 6 Working as an animal cruelty investigator (Case studies)


Identify, assess and analyse aspects of animal welfare through examination of case studies

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Accredited course animal cruelty investigator become an animal welfare officer