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African Conservation course Level 4

African conservation course
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Accredited African conservation course | work  experience in South Africa available | study predators and primates with training theory for conservation work

African ecology and conservation is a course that examines African wildlife conservation efforts. This course consists of 6 units and focuses on the ecology of African predators and non-human primates and, their conservation in situ. The final unit extends your understanding and application of ecology and conservation. It examines human-wildlife conflict in Africa and the rest of the world.


Who is this course for? As a level 4 course, it will introduce you to using academic articles in support of further and higher level studies. The course is also valid for CPD and as an introduction to anyone thinking about a change of career into wildlife conservation work. If you are thinking of volunteering in wildlife conservation in Africa, this course will give you a sound basis on which to achieve your aim. See our conservation courses


This course is also available at level 3

Practical experience in South Africa

There are six assignments (one for each unit) that are divided into levels of achievement so you have a choice as to whether to attempt more than the pass level. There are 90 approximate learning hours for this course but no time limit for completion. This figure does not include own research and self-learning activities to support the unit content or, assignment work.  

Course content

Unit 1

Unit 1  African Ecology

Ecology is the study of how organisms interact with the factors in their environment both the living and non-living. To understand how to conserve animals in situ, understanding of the principles of ecology is needed.

​Content summary

  • Biomes

  • Geographic and political locations of biomes

  • Habitats

  • The Niche concept

  • Niche separation

  • Nutrient cycles

  • Food chains and food webs

  • Ecosystems - balanced and imbalanced

Unit 2

Unit 2  Biology and Ecology of African Predators

​The range of predatory animals within and around the African continent is considerable and unit 2 demonstrates this fact.

​Content summary

  • The Felidae

  • The Canidae

  • The Reptilia

  • Aves

  • Marine predators

  • Habitat needs

Unit 3

Unit 3  Biology and Ecology of African Non-human Primates

​The range of primates within and around the African continent is vast and thus certain Families and species are given as examples.  

​Content summary

  • Hominidae

  • Cercopithecidae

  • Galagidae

  • Lemuridae

Unit 4

Unit 4  Ecology & Conservation for African Predators

Unit 4 investigates how conservation can be best managed in situ i.e., within the natural habitat and environment of the predator.

Content summary

  • Survey and tracking techniques

  • Ecological sampling techniques

  • Methods for wild animal conservation

  • Comparisons - advantages and disadvantages

Unit 5

Unit 5  Ecology & Conservation for African Primates

​Unit 5 is the primate version of unit 4 i.e., best management for in situ conservation of the primate.

​Content summary

  • Observation

  • Observation project planning

  • Hazards of disease transmission

Unit 6

Unit 6   Human Wildlife Conflict and Mediation

​The best efforts of conservationists can be undermined if the resident human population is not considered. This unit explores reasons for human-wildlife conflict and methods of mediating and mitigating the effects.

​Course summary

  • Global issues

  • Crop-raiding

  • Tourism

  • Community engagement

Unit 7

African Experience

Instead of completing units 4 or 6 and unit 6, have an experience at a wildlife centre in South Africa.

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The practical experience opportunities are in South Africa at an ethical and supported big cat rescue centre and primates centre. Opportunities available to enrolled and paid-up students. Costs are involved for this experience - please contact us for the details.

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Accredited African conservation course | work  experience in South Africa available | study predators and primates with training theory for conservation work